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12 Pack (360 Count)

Original price was: $239.99.Current price is: $199.99. available on subscription from $179.99 / month

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Welcome to Medi-Crunch™ –The Premium Treat for Medication™. Prices listed are for boxes of a 12 month supply. Each box contains 30 treats. Feel free to adjust your monthly supply or boxes ordered based on the number of dogs in your household and medication quantities needed. We also offer subscription services so that you can automatically receive shipments at further discounted prices. Subscriptions automatically reoccur and are shipped monthly until canceled. Minimum of 2 shipments required for subscriptions. Thank you for ordering Medi-Crunch™!

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  • CRUNCHY SHELL DISGUISES TEXTURE OF MEDS. Dogs don’t realize they’re taking medication as they bite into the crunchy shell of this pill dispenser for dogs. The crunchy shell disguises as dog pill treats, taking the stress and anxiety away during medicine, supplements, dental med time and more.
  • NO MESS, NO STRESS! Crunchy shell less sticky than pill wraps and paste for dogs. No need to get messy, stinky, sticky hands and fingers. Pop pill in the pocket and serve as a treat. Fun, clean, easy!
  • HIDES SMELL OF MEDS, IRRESISTIBLE REAL PEANUT BUTTER. Made with real peanut butter without artificial ingredients, it masks as delicious pill treats for dogs. Dog pill shooter and poppers makes your dog run away…Medi-Crunch makes your dog run to you!
  • PUSH PILL INTO SOFT, REAL PEANUT BUTTER FILLING. Just press your dog’s pill capsule or tablet into the creamy peanut butter filling and feed to your pet. Pill treats for dogs have a taste pets love. No more fights!
  • VET RECOMMENDED. LOW CALORIE, LOW-FAT. Vets recommend this pet piller as it helps pups and adults take their medicine. Both low calorie and low fat, it can be served daily.

1 review for 12 Pack (360 Count)

  1. Deborah P.

    These little cones are the BEST for dogs. My dog loves their crunch. She’s great at catching so I usually just throw them to her and she instinctively catches it, crunches and swallows it and never spits out the pills. I have also left them in her bowl and she doesn’t leave the pills behind. When I need to I can fit three oblong and/or capsules in one cone, it is crowded but it fits. You can easily shove any size tablets in there. If you put more than one (or 3!) it will of course displace the peanut butter which will rise up on the sides but it just covers the pills more and doesn’t fall out of the cone. It has the exact texture of peanut butter. Compared to others which aren’t similar in form at all as they are usually mushy and oily “pockets,” these cones have fewer calories and fewer and better ingredients than the pill pockets. A well-known pill pocket has chicken as the first ingredient of the “peanut butter flavor” and many dogs are allergic or sensitive to chicken and wouldn’t necessarily expect it in such a product. Peanuts are the first ingredient of these cones.

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