What is Medi-Crunch™?

Medi-Crunch™ brand dog treat is a small nugget treat with a soft interior and a delicious crunchy exterior that all dogs love. Simply place your dog’s medication inside the soft interior that adheres to the pill, and give to your pet as a treat. Medi-Crunch™ dog treats allow an easier, healthier, cost-effective and more pet-friendly way to dispense medication to your pet.

Why Use Medi-Crunch™?

CRUNCHY SHELL DISGUISES TEXTURE OF MEDS. Dogs don’t realize they’re taking medication as they bite into the crunchy shell of this pill dispenser for dogs. The crunchy shell disguises as dog pill treats, taking the stress and anxiety away during medicine, supplements, dental med time and more.

NO MESS, NO STRESS! Crunchy shell less sticky than pill wraps and paste for dogs. No need to get messy, stinky, sticky hands and fingers. Pop pill in the pocket and serve as a treat. Fun, clean, easy!

HIDES SMELL OF MEDS, IRRESISTABLE REAL PEANUT BUTTER. Made with real peanut butter without artificial ingredients, it masks as delicious pill treats for dogs. Dog pill shooter and poppers makes your dog run away…Medi-Crunch makes your dog run to you!

PUSH PILL INTO SOFT, REAL PEANUT BUTTER FILLING. Just press your dog’s pill capsule or tablet into the creamy peanut butter filling and feed to your pet. Pill treats for dogs have a taste pets love. No more fights!

VET RECOMMENDED. LOW CALORIE, LOW-FAT. Vets recommend this pet piller as it helps pups and adults take their medicine. Both low calorie and low fat, it can be served daily.

Success Rate!
Less Calories than Competitors!
Real Peanut Butter!

Medi-Crunch™ Nutrition

Pill Pouches for Dogs
Pill Pouches for Dogs