Medi-Crunch™ – The Premium Treat for Medication™ has a soft interior and crunchy exterior that dogs love. With a 95% Success Rate, Medi-Crunch™ is easy, pet-friendly, healthy and mess free. Just press the pill or capsule inside the soft interior of the treat, then feed to your pet. (The soft interior adheres to the medication) Medi-Crunch™ fits most capsules, tablets and has flavorful, healthy, and natural ingredients.

Medi-Crunch™ - The Premium Treat for Medication™


  • Makes Pill Time Into Fun

  • Eliminates Failed Medication Treatments

  • No Offensive Odor Or Residue

  • Use As An Everyday Treat To Train Your Dog

  • Veterinarian Recommended

Medi-Crunch™ - The Premium Treat for Medication™

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The Medi-Crunch™ treats are a huge success!!!!!!! We have to give our dog, Maddie, 3 pills/day for the next two months. I just gave Maddie the last treat with a 100% success ratio.
Chris H., Idaho
Porter is old and set in his ways and you can’t get much by him. But push his meds into a Medi-Crunch™ and he takes it right away with no hassle. It has literally been a lifesaver for him. I absolutely love the fact that I can fit three pills into one treat!
Larry B., Maryland
Love this product – my dog has an oral tumor and has to take daily meds – this product is soft enough that it doesn’t irritate the tumor but tasty enough that he loves them! So excited to have found this product!
Julia M., Illinois