By: Kevin Curnow


It seems that we humans always want the latest and greatest technology at our fingertips.  Shouldn’t your dog deserve the same?  Here are some of the newest innovations in pet gadgets.


petcube      1. Petcube Camera $149

Ever wanted to check in on your pets while at work or on vacation?  The Petcube camera allows you to do that on your phone!  The sleek product is small at only 4 cubic inches, and the camera records HD 720p video.  You can even talk to your furry friends because the product comes with a built-in speaker and microphone!



  1. DogVacay Prices Vary

Dogvacay_LogoCompanies such as Airbnb have quickly become the newest way to find a place to stay while traveling.  However, finding someone to watch your pets can be just as difficult as planning the trip.  Luckily there is a website called DogVacay, “the Airbnb for pets”!  DogVacay allows pet owners to browse local sitters, read reviews, and even book and pay online.  You can trust that your pet will be in good hands, because each sitter must go through a rigorous approval process before joining.



  1. chuck-itChuckit! Classic Launcher $12.99

The classic game of fetch has been upgraded thanks to Chuckit!  If you’ve grown tired of slobbery tennis balls or can’t throw as far as you used to, the Chuckit! Classic Launcher is the perfect toy for you and your pet.  Balls can be thrown 2 to 3 times as far now and the unique ergonomic design allows for complete comfort and control!  The company has a variety of products to try as well, making boredom of thing of the past for Fido.





  1. dysonDyson Groom tool $69.99

Dealing with pet hair can be extremely frustrating.  Your furry friends shed on everything from furniture to clothing, and cleaning can be a hassle.  Popular vacuum manufacturer Dyson wants to help solve that problem.  The company’s vacuum accessory, Dyson Groom tool, removes hair directly from your pet and sucks it right up!  The product has also been designed to be more comfortable for both owner and animal, and can pick up allergens as well.  It is specifically made for medium and long-haired adult dogs.




  1. Auggiedog $129.99auggiedog

Imagine you are taking your dog for a walk when all of a sudden he stops and squats.  You instinctively gag a little and hold your nose, knowing what comes next.  A plastic bag is covering your hand as you force yourself to grab the mushy mess.  What if there was a product that made picking up dog feces easier?  Lucky for you, there is, and its name is auggiedog.  The modern pooper scooper can pick up excrement with the press of a single button.  It eliminates the need for plastic bags and comes with a cleaner station to ensure freshness every use.  If your pet likes to go for a walk at night, the auggiedog has a built-in light as well!

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