By: Kevin Curnow


Ever wanted to drink local cocktails while supporting a great cause?  The third annual Mutt Cup Cocktail Competition may just what you are looking for!  Medi-Crunch is proud to be sponsoring the August 22 event benefitting the Foundation Against Companion-Animal Euthanasia (FACE), a local low-cost spay/neuter clinic.  FACE’s mission is “to end euthanasia of cats and dogs in Indianapolis by offering accessible spay/neuter, vaccination, medical care and community cat care, without financial or geographic restrictions.”  The organization was formed in 1993 and has performed thousands of sterilizations since then, currently more than 75 daily.  Join us at the Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery from 7-10 PM for food, drinks, and a silent auction!  While the time has passed for early bird tickets, you can secure your place for five dollars less than the door price from now until the day of tFacelogohe event.  Tickets can be purchased here.  We hope to see you there!

To learn more about the FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic check out their website and Facebook page. 

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