by Kevin Curnow

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Did you know that only 10 percent of cat owners and 30 percent of dog owners succeed in medicating their pets?1  Failure to properly give pets their prescribed treatment not only effects recovery time from illness, but some attempts to treat them can damage our relationship with man’s best friend. Dogs notice when we feel guilty about shoving something down their throat and see it as an act of punishment.1 Luckily, there is a product out there that can increase the chances of success.


In addition to flavored liquid medications, veterinarians also recommend a product called Medi-Crunch™.  Medi-Crunch combines a flavorful crunch exterior with a creamy soft peanut butter interior to create a delicious treat that will fool your pet into swallowing pills without even realizing it!  At only six calories Medi-Crunch is a healthier alternative to common foods such as cheese or hamburger, which are approximately 100 calories each. This “Premium treat for medication” also received a 95% success rate in tests conducted by the Humane Society of Indianapolis and veterinarians.


Medi-Crunch’s point of differentiation comes from its crunchy exterior that resembles an ice-cream cone. Owner and inventor Rob Puma quickly realized that both humans and dogs will spit out, or eat around hard objects if they are found in softer foods. “Medi-Crunch gets dogs crunching, which they love to do, so when they come to the pill, they just eat it right down” says Puma.2 The outer shell holds the product intact, making the process easy and requiring no clean up afterwards. Medi-Crunch is also not of the same pasty-consistency as some of its competitors, and as a result will not crumble or lose its shape.


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