Medi-Crunch™ Veterinarians Advantage Program

Join the many other Veterinarians who have enrolled in Medi-Crunch’s Veterinarians Advantage Program. Qualifying animal health care providers can buy Medi-Crunch™ at a discount to sell to their clients with every medication your prescribe. Fill out the form below to begin the qualifying process!

Did you know that 35% of pet owners do not comply with veterinarian’s instructions for medicating their pet?

Medi-Crunch™ – The Premium Treat for Medication™ is a great way for Veterinarians to help dog owners with one of the toughest care instructions: giving dogs pills. Unlike other pilling aids, Medi-Crunch™ is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The crunch triggers a dog's natural clamp-down instinct while the flavorful, soft interior masks the flavor of the medication. The result: 95 out of 100 dogs accepted pills with Medi-Crunch™ in trials. Non-compliance with medication instructions prevents proper recovery - and Medi-Crunch™ can help ensure that your patients get their medicine.

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