Welcome to the Wholesale Store for Medi-Crunch™ – The Premium Treat for Medication™. This store is for Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Kennels, Dog Day Care Facilities, Pet Supply Centers and Re-sellers interested in distributing or re-selling Medi-Crunch™. Items listed are wholesale prices for Medi-Crunch™ in quantities of 60 boxes. Each box contains 30 treats (which is a 1 Month Supply). Suggested retail price is $9.95 per box – however, feel free to adjust this price according to your market and consumers. We also offer subscription services so that you can automatically receive shipments at further discounted prices. Subscriptions automatically reoccurs and are shipped monthly until canceled. Minimum of 2 shipments required for subscriptions. Thank you for ordering Medi-Crunch™!