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Low Calories & Low Fat


Without the Daily Mess of H.I.M.D.M. (Hand In My Dog’s Mouth!),
You Can Keep Your Pet Healthy & Happy – While Releaving Your Stress!


One aspect that makes Medi-Crunch different than any other product is it’s crunchy exterior. This wafer like exterior is hard enough to make a dog work to get to the yummy peanut butter center, but not too hard to enable them to eat the treat and the medication. This is the first part of Medi-Crunch’s secret sauce to enable it to have the 95% Success rate in trials.

The crunchy exterior is great for pet owners too! As it enables you to administer the medication in an easy, neat and clean manner with no forming, molding or washing your hands after handling sticky, smelly treats.


Another unique aspect of Medi-Crunch is it’s soft peanut butter center. This 100% real peanut butter (with no xylitol) center allows the medication to adhere to the center and the second secret sauce to the 95% success rate in trials.

Compared to other treats with an empty cavity in the center, the pill adheres to the center of the treat. Thus-with Medi-Crunch, if your pet eats the treat in more than one bite, the pill still stays with the treat. With other products that have empty cavities, the pill falls out of the empty cavity of the center of the treat.


With 100% Human Grade ingredients & no byproduct, Medi-Crunch has only 6 calories per treat. Give your dog its meds in a healthy way! Many owners find their dogs love it as an everyday treat as well.

Elizabeth says, “Lola, Toby, & Tug can’t get enough Medi-Crunch. Absolutely love it. Not only do I use it for their medication, I also use it as a treat. My Pups are my family and deserve the best!”

Compared to other products and methods that have byproducts and high calories and fat, Medi-Crunch is a lean and mean treat for your dog.


While performing trials at the Humane Society of Indianapolis on some of the toughest dogs (4 – 84 lbs), Medi-Crunch received a 95% Success Rate in getting the dog to take their medication with the treat.


From Veterinary Teaching Hospitals to Animal Clinics, Medi-Crunch is recommended by Veterinarians from all over. Some even like to feed Medi-Crunch to their dogs in their own special way.


With 100% Human Grade ingredients and no byproduct, Medi-Crunch has only 6 calories per treat. This allows you to help keep the pounds off your furry friend in a healthy way.



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