A letter from the President About Medi-Crunch™

Dear Fellow Pet Lover:

Thank you for visiting our website.

As a long time pet owner, I personally experienced the grief and headaches of giving my pet its medication.  I’ve found expensive pills wasted in the corner of the house that I thought my pet had eaten.  I’ve thrown the medication in his mouth, closing his jaw shut and blowing in his nose to force the medication down.  Giving my pet its medication was always stressful and difficult.

From these experiences came a new product called Medi-Crunch™ – The Premium Treat for Medication™.  Its purpose is to improve the relationship between you and your pet and to make giving your pet its medication or supplement a positive experience for both of you.  After testing Medi-Crunch™ with numerous dogs, we experienced a 95% success rate in getting the pet to eat the medication and treat in a simple, mess-free and healthy manner.

Our comprehensive team at Medi-Crunch™ is committed:

  • To improve the relationship between pets and their owners by making medication time a fun event that pets and owners actually enjoy!
  • To meet your satisfaction by making quality treats that are mess-free for the pet owner and are tasty and healthy for the animal.
  • To continue research and development for future products of all pets.

We are committed to these goals and are working each day “To turn your pet’s medication time into tricks and treats time!”

With Best Regards,

Rob Puma
President – Medi-Crunch™

Comments, suggestions and ideas are always open.  If you have any, please contact us here.