After a warm winter season, spring is finally here! Soon we will see leaves growing back, flowers blooming, warmer weather, and many dogs will have their seasonal shed. Unfortunately, shedding is a mess and if not monitored properly your entire house will be constantly covered in dog hair. There is nothing you can do to stop shedding completely as it is a natural thing for dogs. Thankfully there are a variety of ways to keep your dog’s shedding under control.

  1. Purchase an undercoat comb. These combs remove the dead hair from a dog’s undercoat. Brushing daily during the spring with an undercoat comb greatly helps manage the shedding.
  2. Give your dog a bath once a month. This will remove dead hair attached to the dog and keep it clean.
  3. Wipe your dog with a wet cloth regularly in order to collect hair before it is shed.
  4. The best way to clean up shedded hair is to vacuum and sweep regularly.
  5. Keeping your dog’s hair cut short is a good way to reduce the amount of hair shed. Going to a professional groomer every few weeks is a great way to keep shedding under control.
  6. Have regular checkups. Many diseases can affect the skin, hair and coat. Regular visits to your veterinarian will help identify problems early, and provide more effective treatment.

Keep all these tips in mind when the spring shed starts! If you do end up needing to give your dogs medication to control the shedding or you just want to reward your dog for being patient after brushing or bathing them, Medicrunch is the perfect way to do it!