dogbedChristmas season is here and it is a time for giving! You have probably been shopping and gotten all of the gifts for your family members, but have you forgotten anyone? That’s right, your dog! It’s Christmas and why not get them a little extra something. Not sure what that could be? We’ve got you covered with the list of some top dog gifts.

  1. Treats! This may seem simple and basic, but dogs do love treats! They rely on these and enjoy the times when they get treats. New or special treats are always fun for them!
  2. Dog Bone- A new bone is always fun for dogs. It’s hard, new, and tasty!
  3. New Toy- Even if your dog does not play with toys much, this is a great gift that can bring new life to them. A new toy to them can keep them excited for hours.
  4. Dog Tags- Spice up your dogs collar by adding a fun dog tag or two! It can be a personal touch or just something special to make your dog look even better.
  5. New Bed- You love to spoil your dog, so why not get them a new bed? This new one could be larger or more comfy.