Medi-Crunch Conditioning

Dogs can be incredibly smart.  Dogs are trained to practice tricks, obey authority, and know when to eat, among many other things! And they learn more and more every day because they love human interactions. It doesn’t take long for an extremely smart dog to catch on to consistency, and it soon noticed a routine.

Not all dogs are easily tricked into taking their medication. Even the best-trained dog can see and smell through the cheese, or piece of hot dog you’ve hidden their medication in! This can be extremely frustrating, not to mention expensive, for dog owners. So what do you do when you have a finicky pup? Try Medi-Crunch, The Premium Treat for Medication! By conditioning your pup with our treat, you are sure to win them over with this quick and easy way of dispensing medicine.

Because of the crunchy waffle cone exterior, combined with a soft peanut butter flavored center, the Medi-Crunch treat adheres to and masks the smell and taste of the pill or capsule. Essentially it looks and tastes like a regular treat, so your pup won’t even notice the medication is there. For owners that have those extremely picky dogs, we recommend giving your dog Medi-Crunch at least once a day for three days as a regular treat without the medication. If you need, break the treat open to show them the peanut butter flavor inside. On the forth day, give Medi-Crunch with their medication and………BAM! Your pup will gobble up both the treat and pill! Your dog has now been conditioned to think Medi-Crunch is a delightful treat and won’t think twice about the medicine hidden inside!
So if you are at the point of thinking your method of giving medication has stopped working, and you’re dog has out smarted you…….. Go ahead and toss them a few Medi-Crunch treats and see how easy it can be!