Monthly Archives: December 2016


Great Dog Christmas Gifts

Christmas season is here and it is a time for giving! You have probably been shopping and gotten all of the gifts for your family members, but have you forgotten anyone? That's right, your dog! It's Christmas and why not get them a little extra something. Not sure what that could be? We've got you [...]

Do you think you can fool your dog?

Dogs can be incredibly smart.  Dogs are trained to practice tricks, obey authority, and know when to eat, among many other things! And they learn more and more every day because they love human interactions. It doesn’t take long for an extremely smart dog to catch on to consistency, and it soon noticed a routine. Not all dogs are [...]

Do you know how Butler Blue III (Trip) is doing?

Wondering how our friend Butler Blue III is doing? He is long on his way to recovery and return to action! He has successfully completed all 10 of his physical therapy sessions. Now, he just has some more medical checks before he will be back on the court with the Butler Bulldog Basketball team. Medi-Crunch is proud [...]