Do you struggle giving your pet medicine? Does your dog hate taking pills? Medi-Crunch is an unique snacking treat that makes giving medicine to your dog fun! With its crunchy cone exterior that is easy for dogs to bite into and the creamy soft peanut butter center and made will 100% human grade ingredients, Medi-Crunch is an easy treat that will help the medicine go down. With a 95% success rate in trials, we can almost guarantee it will help your dog take its pills. Want more proof? Better proof? Just check out Trip (Butler Blue III), the official mascot of Butler University! With his recent unfortunate ACL injury, he is sidelined for a few weeks and prescribed to medications by his Veterinarian. He is using Medi-Crunch to help take all of his pills. And from the looks of it, he LOVES it and will keep munching on these even when he is healthy again!

Check out for more information and use code first20 to receive 20% off your first purchase on our website. Also Medi-Crunch is sold through Facebook, on Amazon, and at Drs. Foster and Smith.