As quickly as Fall approached, Halloween is just around the corner—or rather, weekend! I’m sure your classic costume is hanging in the closet ready to be donned again this year, but is your dog’s ready too? If you are going to be walking around the neighborhood Monday night, why not let your dog tag along in the Trick-or-Treating festivities? If you are not sure what to take them as, here are some simple, last minute dog costumes that are easy to put together!

  1. Underdog – All it takes is a small plain red t-shirt and either some duct tape or a white marker to make the “U.” If you want to make the costume even more realistic, add a blue cape to your dog’s back so it feels like a true superhero. The kids will think so, too!
  2. Ghost – Yes this is a typical go-to costume, but that’s only because it is easy, and fun! Depending on the size of your dog, an old white sheet or pillowcase can work to cover him or her completely. Make sure to cut out eye holes and a little spot for the nose and mouth. Also, make sure that the length is not past your dog’s feet so it can run toward the yummy candy!
  3. Mummy – This might be the spookiest costume for your Halloween pup. Take a roll of toilet paper and begin wrapping it all around your dog (careful not to wrap it too snug!) covering all spots except its nose, eyes, ears, and mouth. Everyone will believe your dog just awoke from the grave!
  4. TY Beanie Baby – This is the easiest costume of all! To turn your pup into the newest Beanie Baby, just make a large red heart using regular paper, card stock, or a poster board, all depending on the size of your dog. Then, put the “TY” logo on it, and attach the heart to your dog’s collar. Super quick and s!

Now you do not have any excuses to not take your dog along with you on Monday. Just make a quick costume that best suits your dog and let them tag along for a night filled with excitement, laughter, and candy (unfortunately not for dogs). Simple. Adorable. Fun.

Before the night is over, make sure to take a picture of your dog and post it on Instagram or Facebook and use #MediCrunchHalloween! This will enter you into the drawing for a $100 Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Supplies gift card. More details are available on the Medi-Crunch Facebook and Instagram. Contest ends November 3rd! Good Luck!