When dogs get injured, we sometimes do not even know it. You definitely don’t hear about hurt pets either. Well, that is unless you are the most famous live NCAA mascot. That has been the case for Butler Blue III, or Trip, the official mascot of Butler University, who has an ACL tear and is currently recovering from recent surgery. The publicity for the mascot has come from his social media posts describing his experience, and was spread across the country through articles written by ESPN, USA Today, and the Indianapolis Star. Trip’s handler has helped all of his fans follow the journey by putting together a timeline of all of the events from the first symptoms of the injury to the procedure. And of course pictures are included throughout the timeline. A brief timeline of some main events are listed below:
September 28-30 – Trip begins showing signs of pain on hind legs. He is taken to vet for evaluation. Diagnosis is partial cruciate ligament tear in right knee. Prescribed to pain meds and rest. Medi-Crunch helps the pills go down easy.
October 3-5 – Symptoms of significant pain return
October 6 – Follow-up appointment at animal clinic. Moderate to significant arthritis and joint disease confirmed in both knees. Referred to specialist.
October 13 – Cruciate tear confirmed and tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery recommended with full post-op physical therapy through December.
October 18-19 – Trip undergoes surgery at MedVet Indianapolis. Discharged and arrives home on Wednesday evening.

For more information and full details about the entire process, along with pictures and a description of the procedure, visit Trips timeline at:

We hope you keep enjoying the Medi-Crunch and get better soon Trip! Can’t wait to see you back in action! #GoDawgs