Monthly Archives: October 2016


Stress-free Halloween Costumes

As quickly as Fall approached, Halloween is just around the corner—or rather, weekend! I’m sure your classic costume is hanging in the closet ready to be donned again this year, but is your dog’s ready too? If you are going to be walking around the neighborhood Monday night, why not let your dog tag along [...]

When a Dawg is Injured

When dogs get injured, we sometimes do not even know it. You definitely don’t hear about hurt pets either. Well, that is unless you are the most famous live NCAA mascot. That has been the case for Butler Blue III, or Trip, the official mascot of Butler University, who has an ACL tear and is [...]

Even Trip Uses Medi-Crunch

Do you struggle giving your pet medicine? Does your dog hate taking pills? Medi-Crunch is an unique snacking treat that makes giving medicine to your dog fun! With its crunchy cone exterior that is easy for dogs to bite into and the creamy soft peanut butter center and made will 100% human grade [...]