Indy InstaPets Sponsored by Medi-CrunchSunday, October 2nd is first ever Indy InstaPets event happening at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. This event is your chance to meet some of the popular pets that you follow on Instagram, in person! The event will allow you collect “pawtographs”and take pictures with your favorite Instagram pets. Commemorative items will be sold and there will be an auction of donated items from the pets who could not attend. There will also be several food trucks on site.

Medi-Crunch is sponsoring the event, to help make the fun even greater and will be set up there as well. 10% of the proceeds generated at the event will be donated to the Humane Society. Medi-Crunch will match another 10% for a total of 20% going to Humane Society from that day.

Indy InstaPets is happening this Sunday, 10/2 from 3 to 7 pm at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit!