Dog Halloween Costume- Beanie Baby Dog

Fall is some people’s favorite time of the year. Why? Mostly for the great temperature and fun activities that close out the year. This time of year provides some of the best events for Man’s Best Friend to tag along to, so don’t leave your dog behind.

  1. Visit a local dog park – Dog parks are great for your dogs to get exercise and have fun with other people and dogs. They also are a great way for you to meet some of the fellow dog lovers in the area. In the fall, the cooler temperature helps keep your dog from overheating during all the running and fun had at the park. You won’t have to find the little bit of shade to hide away in anymore either. Remember the water though for when you do need to rest. Find a Dog Park near you.
  2. Go hiking – It is always great to get outside and to go for a walk. Dogs love it too! But change it up and head to a nearby State Park or Forest. Experience all its beauty with the sights and sounds. The paths through the nature are great relievers for both you and your dog. The lower temperatures also helps with this in the fall to provide less of an impact on the distance you can go. You can also take your family for a wonderful day outdoors and even plan a picnic for during the trip. Also, depending on your level of adventurous, you could turn this into a multiple day camping trip. To be honest, about anything outdoors is better when you bring your dog along with.
  3. Dress up for Halloween – Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of fall. Staying in to pass out candy? Dress up you and your dog to greet the kids coming to the door. Going out around the neighborhood or town? Take your dog along and dress them up too! This makes the night more fun and less lonely if you have to do a lot of waiting around. Plus, there probably aren’t too many other dogs on the block that will look as good as yours dressed up. Since candy is unfortunately not good for dogs, grab their favorite treat or new treats for the night so they have something to munch on too. Make sure to grab a few extra treats just in case you pass some other dogs that are left out from the goodies.
  4. BYOD – Bring Your Own Dog to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is time for family and are our dogs not family too? Instead of putting your dog in a kennel for a few days or hiring a neighbor to watch them, bring them along with. This can be fun for the whole family to have a new guest for the family to play with. Just make sure that you check with the host first to make sure your dog is welcome.
  5. Volunteer at the local Humane Society – Don’t let not having a dog deter you from any of these great activities. Or if you are just a major dog lover, volunteering is always fun. Spend time at the local shelter and get to know new people and a lot of new furry friends. Plus you never know, maybe you will find the dog of your dreams while you are there too! Find a shelter near you.