Road-Tripping with Fido: Travel Tips for Pet Owners
By: Kevin Curnow

roadtripWith Labor Day approaching, many American families choose to take a vacation over the extended weekend.  For some, a family vacation is not complete without the furriest members: their pets.  As you can probably guess, bringing a dog on vacation requires a lot of additional preparation.  For those who aren’t interested in leaving Fido at the kennel for the weekend or with another family member or sitter, check out these travel tips.

Where to go

The first step for any vacation is to decide on a destination.  The selection involves more than just the physical location, as things such as hotels must also be taken into consideration.  This research is especially crucial when travelling with pets because some places are more pet friendly than others.  Valuable online resources such as Bring Fido and provide information on various pet-friendly hotels, rest stops, shops and restaurants, and much more.  It might be a good idea to find local vet clinics near your destination as a precaution.


What to pack

Road trips often mean long car rides, which can be disastrous for the unprepared pet owner.  For starters, be sure to bring plenty of entertainment.  A stuffed Kong or treat-filled puzzle toy can organizesatisfy for hours on end.  Keeping your pet occupied will calm their nerves too.  It may seem like a given, but don’t forget the essentials: Food, treats, leash, bags to pick up “waste”, a kennel (if you use one), etc.  It’s also a good idea to either buy or create a dog first-aid that includes items such as Benadryl for allergies (consult your veterinarian for proper dosage), clippers and tweezers, and self-cling bandages that don’t stick to fur. Please note that Medi-Crunch™ can be handy if your dog does not like taking medicine!  Just as there are travel sized products for humans, water bowls and other products for dogs have special versions for travel.  A great idea to keep everything in one place is to turn a toiletry bag into a doggy organizer!


Other General Tips

For long road trips, don’t feed your dog right before you leave.  Instead, give them a light meal 3-4 hours before departure.  Not only does this cut down on excessive bathroom breaks, it also helps avoid motion sickness.  You can also use Medi-Crunch™ as a light calorie snack and to give medications on the road too!  Be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise both before and during the journey (if possible).  A calm pet will make the trip for enjoyable for everyone.  Lastly playing white noise will keep your dog quiet at night in a hotel room.


Following these tips should hopefully ensure a pleasant experience for every member of the family, including the furry ones!

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