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Sneaky Treat Gets Pills Into Pooches

Goodie has room on the inside for medicine By Bruce C. Smith Sooner or later, almost all dog or cat owners learn the real meaning of frustration when their pet is sick. A veterinarian prescribes pills, but the pet will have nothing to do with them. The owner may resort to trickery, trying to [...]

Helping Pets Pop Pills

Butler MBA student invents easy way to medicate animals By Anthony Schoettle Rob Puma’s idea of a romantic date is not making dog treats in his kitchen. Yet that’s exactly what he found himself doing with his girlfriend over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2004. The unusual celebration of a lover’s holiday was part of [...]

Easy New Option To Give Pets Medication

by Chris Ciewelich via This is an article written by Dr. Marty Becker (Good Morning America's Veterinarian) I found last week in the Miami Herald that I thought would interest many cat lovers: Easy new option to give pets medication Knight Ridder Tribune – The Bond column Dr. Marty Becker Administering medications to pets [...]

Creating a canine sensation

A spoonful of ingenuity from one inventor helps with the ruff part of pet medication. By Raygan Swan We've all had great ideas for inventions, but rarely do we take them to market. Well, just like on the hit show "Apprentice," Rob Puma is making his way in the market with Medi-Crunch -- a [...]